"Hands on a miracle,

I got my hands on a miracle..."

~Foo Fighters

Every time I receive an inquiry for an in-home newborn session, my heart flutters a little bit. I didn't fully understand the importance of these types of sessions until I had my own children and then I blinked and they weren't squishy little babies anymore. I'm so grateful for the photos we had taken in those first few weeks after we welcomed them into our arms. These are the sessions that will stand the test of time. That will bring us back to those first days/weeks of bringing home a new babe and all the feelings that come with it.

When Megan first contacted me, she told me she wants to remember "how teeny-tiny" he is and I am so thankful for the opportunity to capture this little slice of life for them to cherish forever more. Henry was the calmest, most cooperative baby with one heckuva qualified big brother (and pups) to look out for him. And guys, Megan's mid-century home is absolute perfection, straight out of a magazine! This session was truly a dream come true!

So without further adieu, scroll on, and meet baby Henry.